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Saturday, April 30, 2011

gossip: Pippa Middleton's Butt Royal Wedding Awesomeness s...

gossip: Pippa Middleton's Butt Royal Wedding Awesomeness s...: "the royal wedding - Pippa Middleton steals the show! last night after a long day of royal wedding obsessing and a royal nap, i went t..."

Friday, April 29, 2011

gossip: L'incubo di Kate? Arrivare nuda all'altare. Erotic stories June, 1917 Paris, France

gossip: L'incubo di Kate? Arrivare nuda all'altare: "Domani il mondo intero si fermerà per guardare il matrimonio del secolo, quello di William , Principe d'Inghilterra, e di Kate Middleton . ..."


erotic stories
June, 1917
Paris, France

It was on a warm late spring morning that I arrived in my office to be greeted with a summons to the ambassador's office.

When I arrived, I stopped short, for Mr. Stark had a visitor, someone I knew well, and for whom I had decidedly mixed feelings.

Gen. John James Pershing was seated in a chair across from the ambassador's desk, and he rose when I entered the office.

"Sergeant Guidry," he said as he offered his hand in greeting, using the rank to which I had risen during my service in the Army. "You've done well for yourself. I'm pleased."

"General Pershing," I replied as we shook hands guardedly. "It has been a long time."

For just a moment, my mind went back to the steamy jungles of the Philippines, where I had served under Black Jack Pershing in subduing the Moros.

In some respects, I admired the man. He was a very capable soldier, and leader of men in combat. We had become well-acquainted during our time in the Philippines, and he had been crucial in the advancement of my military career.

However, I also came to believe that he was at least partly responsible for some of the excesses that American troops engaged in during that bloody conflict.

I should make it clear that I don't know for certain whether he ordered or even knew about some of the darker things that went on there.

But I have always been convinced that he at least suspected some things were happening there that shouldn't have been going on, and that his attitude of doing whatever it took to achieve the objective -- in this case, subduing Aguinaldo's rebels -- fostered an atmosphere where atrocities could be committed.

American activities in the Philippines were a deep dark secret in certain circles in the Army. It was a forgotten episode in a faraway part of the world, nobody was willing to speak up, and, frankly, nobody was probably willing to listen at that point in time.

However, Pershing himself had given me a letter of recommendation that eased my entry into LSU when I left the Army, and helped me obtain my position with the college's militia, so I was somewhat beholden to him, and perhaps that ensured my silence on the matter.

All of that passed through my mind in but a heartbeat, then I focused on the task at hand. I had been brought in for a specific reason, and I suspected my previous service under Pershing was a major factor in that reason.

Pershing had just arrived in Paris a week or so before to begin the process of establishing an American presence in the war. He was to be the supreme commander of the American Expeditionary Force, which would soon be joining the French and British in fighting Germany.

As I had expected all along, the Germans had finally done something stupid that pushed the United States into the war on the side of the Allies.

The stated reason was the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare, which President Wilson believed was a grievous breach of American neutrality, and which many Americans believed was an inappropriately sneaky way to wage war.

Personally, I thought that was incredibly naïve. The British blockade of the European continent, which Germany rightly called a, "starvation blockade," was having a debilitating effect on the German people, and the best means at their disposal to fight that blockade was the submarine, which by its very nature was a stealth weapon.

And there was no doubt in my mind -- nor that of anyone in the know -- that American merchant ships headed for Britain were secretly carrying armaments to Britain that ended up with the Allied armies.

So I didn't have a serious moral problem with unrestricted submarine warfare as a tactic of war, and by itself that might not have been enough to jolt America out of its neutrality.

What did it was the so-called Zimmerman Telegram, a notorious bit of correspondence from the German foreign minister, Alfred Zimmerman, to the German Embassy in Washington. The British had intercepted the telegram, figured out what it meant and had eagerly -- gleefully -- passed it on to the Americans.

Basically, the Germans were suggesting an alliance with Mexico against the United States, and in return Mexico would be given the states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona in the event of a German victory.

It was outrageous and outlandish on its face, because Mexico was in no position to offer Germany any sort of material assistance in the war. Mexico was more than five years deep into a bloody and chaotic civil war that had left that nation ruined.

In fact, Jack Pershing himself had spent months campaigning in Mexico with a small force in pursuit of Mexican bandits after one of them, one Pancho Villa, had come across the border and shot up a small town in New Mexico.

Nevertheless, the mere thought of some of our states as booty in the Great War inflamed American opinion, never mind the fact that we had taken those very states from Mexico by force almost 70 years earlier.

It was that something stupid that I had told Marcel Lévesque years earlier would be what got the U.S. into the war, and in April, the president had declared war on Germany.

Now, Gen. Pershing was in Paris with his staff and my assignment was to be a liaison with him and his staff in acclimating them to the brutal realities of war on the Western Front.

We weren't any too soon getting involved, either. Just weeks earlier, the Tsar of Russia had abdicated and a democratic government had been formed, but it was precariously perched in power, and Russia's continued involvement in the war was uncertain.

My good friend Sergei Hoffman had been called back to Russia, and he had reluctantly gone home. We had enjoyed a farewell dinner at Marcel's the night before he departed, and he wished Madeleine and I good luck.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I would never see my friend again. We heard from him for awhile through letters he sent, but after the Bolsheviks took power in November, those letters stopped, and we never heard from him again.

I can only assume that as a diplomat for and a minor noble in the tsarist regime that he had been a target of the Bolsheviks and that he had paid for that with his life in the madness that befell Russia in the years that followed the revolution of 1917.

I spent the rest of that day, and the rest of the week in consultations with Pershing and his staff members. I quickly realized that I needed to disabuse our officers of the nature of this war.

"There is nothing glorious about the fighting in this war," I told a group of staffers in a lecture one afternoon. "It is dirty, brutal, monotonous, terrifying and bloody."

The next week, I got an assignment that both thrilled and terrified me. I was asked to accompany an American pilot to take some aerial photos of the front lines.

The pilot was one of the men who had been flying and fighting with the so-called Lafayette Escadrille, a group of American volunteers who brought their expertise to the Allies.

I had never been up in an airplane before, and the experience was like nothing I'd ever had before. It was exhilarating in one sense, but I was also shaken by the thought of the many things that could have gone wrong.

We were not up there to fight, but to do some reconnaissance, and I wasn't sure what would happen if we had encountered an enemy plane.

We were actually flying over German territory, and I was afraid we would draw the attention of the Germans, who would send a squadron up to take care of us. But, fortunately, we were able to do our business unimpeded.

Another concern was the matter of taking photos from the rear cockpit of an early airplane. I had to take a firm grip on the camera and lean slightly out of the open cockpit to shoot. Sure, I was strapped in, still, it was a terrifying experience.

From up high, however, one could get a real sense of the trench system, and the photos I took were instrumental in giving me and the Army staff the overall picture of the geography of the war.

Nevertheless, I was relieved when we finally landed. I kissed the ground when I disengaged from the plane, much to the amusement of my pilot.

In early June, something happened that drove home the importance of my job. Earlier in the spring, the French had suffered heavy losses in a futile assault near Verdun, and the French troops reached their breaking point.

Thousands of French soldiers had mutinied, and others who were prodded into battle marched to the front bleating in derision, the implication being that they were simply sheep being led to slaughter, which was not far from the truth.

Gen. Pershing heard about the mutiny and pressed to me the importance that something like that must not happen with our troops.

The French mutiny, however, was a manifestation of a wider war-weariness that was finding more and more expression in art and literature, as well as on the streets of Paris. Nearly three years of butchery, with no end in sight, had fostered a bitterness and a coarsening of life that was palpable in Paris, so close to the front.

I, for one, had taken to carrying my trusty pistol with me at all times, even in public. I procured a smaller one for Madeleine, as well, and I took her out to the country south of the city to teach her how to use it, should it become necessary. I was taking no chances with my life, nor that of the woman I loved.

I was working long hours, and traveling quite a lot between Paris and the American Army headquarters, and Madeleine was faithfully keeping house, tending to Marie and helping her father at the bistro, where business had picked up again after a lull shortly after the war began.

Madeleine was a wonderful cook and housekeeper, and she had taken to the role of wife and mother like a duck to water. She was a natural nurturer, a woman who was born to care for others. She had taken care of Marcel during her youth, and she took care of me and our child.

She and her friend Therese had worked out an arrangement where they cared for the other one's baby while they each split time serving at Marcel's. We had also set up a nursery area in the back office at the bistro on occasions when they were both needed.

As a war widow, Therese was entitled to a stipend from the French government, but it wasn't much, since she and her husband had not been married long. Marcel had offered her a job, and she had accepted gratefully.

Having a friend who could look after our child paid off nicely on our second anniversary in June.

I returned from a visit to Pershing's headquarters to be greeted by a smiling Madeleine and the smells of something delicious coming from the kitchen.

"Where is Marie?" I asked after a lengthy kiss.

"She is staying the night with Therese and Rosa," Madeleine said in a seductive tone of voice, referring to her friend's young child, who was already a playmate of our little girl, who was just learning to walk. "We have the house to ourselves. I have something in mind for you."

"Oh?" I exclaimed, with a raised eyebrow. "Can I assume this will be something I will enjoy?"

"Oh, indeed," she said, leaning over and kissing me again. "I think you will enjoy this very much. You know, of course, that it was two years ago today..."

"Yes, my love, the best day of my life," I said. "A magical day."

We kissed again, a sort of hunger growing between us, then Madeleine pulled away to finish preparing dinner.

After a sumptuous meal, Madeleine excused herself to our bedroom, while I relaxed on the sofa with a copy of the afternoon newspaper.

At length, I heard Madeleine call for me to come join her. I walked to the bedroom, opened the door and stood transfixed.

Madeleine was kneeling on the bed, with her back to the door. She was dressed, sort of, in a one-piece set of bloomers, that were somewhat old-fashioned, but incredibly sexy with the ties to the crotch and the top undone.

The effect had her sex open and ready, like she was offering herself as a meal. Her breasts were out and hanging free from the opening at her chest, the dark pink tips stiff in plain arousal.

She was looking back at me with a seductive smile, like some Parisian courtesan, her fingers beckoning me to enter, to take her. Her long dark hair was down and spread about her shoulders like the finest silk. She had obviously spent some time brushing it to a polished sheen.

"My God," I whispered. "You are so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen. You always have been."

"Come, Robert," she whispered back. "Come and take me. Just for tonight, I will be your whore, your wanton woman. I will do anything you want, any way you want."

I couldn't pass up an offer like that, although truth be known, Madeleine always had a little bit of whore in her when we made love. She loved sex, and had a real sense of adventure in bed. And I was to find out just how uninhibited she could be.

I quickly stripped and threw my suit onto the chair, then approached the bed, lightly fisting my cock, which was already hard in anticipation. The head was red and wet from arousal as I pulled my foreskin back in preparation.

I was tempted to just climb on the bed and mount her, but I decided that if she wanted to play, then so did I.

"Turn around, my whore," I commanded softly, and she quickly complied. Madeleine's eyes were sparkling with lust as she looked up at me in anticipation. "Suck it."

There was no hesitation. She leaned forward slightly, took my cock in her hands and brought the head to her face. Her tongue slid out from her moist lips and licked the head, the slid her lips down the shaft, licking around the rigid flesh, causing me to groan in incipient ecstasy.

She bathed the shaft with her lips and tongue, sawing my length over her open mouth, before abruptly slipping the head past her lips and into her mouth.

I groaned louder this time, as she sucked a good two-thirds of my length into her maw. She kept a firm grip at the base of my penis while feeding the rest into her hungry mouth. She was humming in lust of her own as she worked me with her mouth, sending vibrations all the way to my brain.

I lost myself in the sensations of Madeleine's oral ministrations, and I congratulated myself on my success in teaching her how to do it. Oral sex had been part of our sex life almost from the beginning, and Madeleine had been eager to learn.

This was just another example of how much freer the French were in sexual matters. Most nice young American wives of that period would never be caught dead sucking their husbands. But it was simply another way for Madeleine to please her man, and she had not objected at all at the thought of taking me in her mouth.

Nor did I object in the least at pleasuring her that way. I had come to appreciate the wonders of cunnilingus during my college days by a New Orleans prostitute that I had come to know, and I enjoyed showing Madeleine what I knew.

As much as I was reveling in the feeling of my wife's warm, wet mouth on my cock, I wanted a taste of her hot pie.

I pulled myself away from Madeleine, and felt a stir at the tendrils of wetness that clung to her lips momentarily.

I climbed up on the bed, knelt down behind her, just like she was and inhaled her essence. She as dripping wet, and the aroma of her hot slit was intoxicating.

I grabbed her hips and slashed my tongue up her slot, then bored in until my lips were pressed against her labia. I felt Madeleine's body twitch involuntarily and a low groan escaped her mouth.

I smiled to myself at how I was able to please my little minx, at how I had made her mine. I wouldn't have called her my love slave, but that's basically what she was. I had quickly learned how to work her body like a fine-tuned machine, and she loved me for it.

In and out, I licked her sex, while reaching under to roll her clit with a finger. Madeleine was thrusting her hips back as he climax began to climb, and I knew the time was nigh.

Giving her vagina one last kiss. I stood up, slid in right behind her, lined up my cock to her opening and pushed the head right on in. We both groaned deeply and loudly as I plunged in to the hilt in one smooth, screaming stroke.

In no time, I was in rhythm and we were gasping in lust. I could not believe how hot and wet Madeleine was as I fucked her with long, purposeful strokes. She threw her head back and her long hair flipped back with it, with loose strands spread over her shoulders.

"You are so beautiful, my love, my whore," I whispered as I felt the sap rising in my scrotum with each sizzling stroke.

"Unnnnnnnnh, yessssss," Madeleine exclaimed. "I will ... always be your ... whore, Robert. Always."

Madeleine's body was starting to shimmy and shake as we reached for a mutual climax. Higher and higher, the sensations kept building. I leaned over and captured her breasts in each hand, rolling her nipples between my fingers as I did, and it was like turning on a switch.

She shuddered from her head to her toes, and she cried out in passion as the orgasm ripped through her body. That was all I could stand. With a groan, I fucked her incredibly deep three full strokes then surrendered a crackling load of semen.

I felt like my entire body was coming through my penis as I spurted my seed deep in my bride's womb. For long minutes the convulsions of lust swept over us, then we slowly sank to the bed in sweat-soaked satisfaction.

"Robert, you are my love," Madeleine whispered as we lay together in our afterglow.

"And you are mine, Madeleine," I whispered back.

If I could have, I would have preserved that moment in glass, for there would be fewer and fewer of them as my role in the war began to deepen.

It wasn't that our love in any way diminished, but the time was rapidly approaching when I would be spending more time in the field than at home, and we would have precious few moments like this one.

And we were on a collision course with personal trials and tribulations we could not have imagined.

L'anno d'oro di Belen Rodriguez - La vita in diretta video EROTIC STORIES


Hardcore Holiday

I lost count of the number of times Ant and I sucked and fucked during the night, all I could remember when I woke up was that it was almost light when we finally separated for the last time. He left shortly after that, promising to return later to help begin the search for Mikey and Jackson.

I stretched out in the bed, the smell of sweat and sex still lingering in the air, before throwing the covers back, standing up and heading towards the bathroom. Turning the shower on I waited until it was hot enough before stepping under the steaming jets of water. For a few minutes I just let the water cascade down over me before reaching for the shower gel and washing myself down, reluctantly removing Ant's smell from my body.

Eventually I had had enough, turned the shower off, stepped out onto the floor and dried myself down before heading back to the bedroom. Slipping on just a pair of loose fitting tracksuits trousers, no boxer shorts, I headed to the kitchen and got a beer from the fridge. After the night I had just had with Ant I decided that until he came back, as he said he would, I was just going to laze around the room drinking and going through the DVD's Franco had so kindly left for me.

As all the discs were unmarked I just chose one and slipped it into the player, before letting myself fall back onto the sofa and stretching out. Just as the screen flicked into life my mobile phone bleeped twice, letting me know I had received a message, and I picked it up and pressed the button to see who it was from.


How are you? Might pop by to see you later.


Closing the message, and not even bothering to reply, I dropped the phone and turned my attention back towards the screen. The image that flooded onto the screen after the titles shocked me, and brought back memories. I picked up the remote to turn the film off but hesitated as the camera panned out.

In the room on the screen there was a male, virtually naked and handcuffed to a large wooden board, his arms and legs spread to make him hang in an X shape. He had a leather hood over his head, with just a small slit where his mouth would have been, presumably to help him breath, but that was all he had on.

Unable to turn the screen off I dropped the remote to the floor, took a large swallow from my beer, and stared at the figure hanging there. He was a muscular person, his torso rippling with a six pack, his biceps bulging and his thigh muscles clearly visible, especially when he pulled against his restraints. As I continued to watch I couldn't help but begin to stare at his thick, semi-hard cock, as it hung down between those muscular thighs.

The more he struggled against his restraints the harder his cock seemed to become until it was pointing almost fully upwards, the swollen purple head glistening in the pale light of the room, the veins clearly visible on the underside and his large balls just hanging in their sac swinging gently as he continued to struggle.

As I continued to watch I felt my own cock harden inside my tracksuit trousers and, without thinking, slid my hand into the top of them and down, wrapping my first around my own thick hard shaft. Slowly I began to stroke myself as I watched another figure appear on the screen, and walk to just in front of the restrained male.

This figure was also naked, not even wearing a mask, and as he got close to the restrained male I heard a voice on the screen, from off camera.

"GET ON YOUR KNEES," the off-screen voice commanded with authority.

Without turning the figure did as he was ordered, falling to his knees, his head level with the restrained man's cock.

"TAKE HIM IN YOUR HAND!!" The voice commanded again once the man was kneeling.

This time the man on the floor hesitated, just for a second, before slowly reaching forward and wrapping his hand around the man's cock, causing him to stop struggling. As the man on his knees begin to wank restrained man's cock my own hand started to move quicker along my own shaft, my eyes never leaving the action on the screen.

"SUCK HIS COCK NOW!!!" The voice boomed again.

This time the hesitation was more prolonged and as he hesitated another figure appeared on screen, this one fully dressed in leather from head to foot, carrying a whip.

"I SAID SUCK HIM!!!" The voice boomed once more.

As the voice fell silent the man with the whip raised his hand and cracked the whip across the man on his knees back, causing him to gasp.

"DO IT NOW!!!"

"Yes Master," the man on his knees whimpered before moving his head forward.

This time there was no hesitation and the man with the whip stepped back, off camera, as the man on his knees wrapped his lips around the cock in front of him and began to bob his head quickly back and forth along the restrained man's thick shaft. Now, instead of struggling, the man on the board bucked his hips back and forth as best as he could, fucking the mouth wrapped around his cock as the man on his knees sucked as fast as he could.

Slipping my trousers down, enough to release my own cock, I began to wank as fast as the action on screen and soon I felt the beginnings of my ejaculation building up in my body. I tensed my legs and continued to wank when the voice on the screen boomed out once again.


Somewhat reluctantly the man on his knees pulled his head away from restrained man's cock, wrapped his fingers around the shaft and started to wank him quickly. I could no longer contain myself and neither could the restrained man either. At exactly the same time as the man on the screen's cock erupted all over the kneeling man's face my own cock twitched in my hand violently and cum erupted from the end of my cock, jet after jet splashing down on my chest until I was completely drained.

Closing my eyes I never saw the owner of the booming voice walk into view, I just heard his voice.

"That was fucking hot you two," he said softer this time.

"Did you get it all?" One of the other two asked.

"Everything single second," the voice said. "And every drop of cum yes."

"Do you think he will watch it?"

"Oh yes I am positive he will," the voice said softer still.

I quickly opened my eyes and looked at the screen, the soft tones of the voice suddenly recognizable, and found myself staring straight into Franco's smiling face.

"You will watch it won't you Dan?" Franco said directly into the camera.

Sitting up quickly, cum running down my chest slowly, I reached for the remote and turned the film off, ejected it and snapped the disc clean in half. I couldn't believe that out of all the films by the TV I had managed to insert one Franco had made especially for me. I was just about to go through all the other discs when I heard someone tapping the door to my room.

Storming to the door I flung it open, coming face to face with Ant, cum still running down my chest and over the waistband of my tracksuit.

"Having fun?" Ant asked looking at me smiling.

"I'll kill Franco when I get my hands on him," I said not really listening.

"What has he done now?"

I grabbed Ant by the wrist and dragged him to the sofa, where I had thrown the two halves of the disc I had just snapped. Picking both halves up I turned back to Ant.

"This is what he has done." I said waving both pieces in front of his face.

"Calm down, clean yourself up and then tell me what's happened," Ant said. "I'll get a beer while I wait for you."

Leaving Ant in the kitchen getting his drink I stormed to the bathroom, washed my chest clean of cum, went to the bedroom, slipped some shorts on then headed back to him.

"Right do you want to tell me what has happened?" Ant asked handing me a beer.

"I thought I would wait to see if you did come back," I began. "So thought I would see what films Franco had left."

"Let me guess," Ant said. "They were all gay porn."

"Don't know about all of them but the one I just watched was only..." I began.

"Only what come on Dan tell me," Ant said.

"Only right after the climax of the film Franco appeared on screen and spoke directly to me," I said.

"You are fucking joking right? Ant said looking shocked. "What type of film was it?"

"BDSM," I said. "There was a man restrained to a board and some other guy was ordered to suck his cock until he came and when he hesitated another masked man came on screen and cracked a whip across his back."

"And was the masked man Franco?" Ant asked.

"No he was the one barking orders," I replied. "But then when it was over they spoke to each other."

"What did they say?" Ant asked.

"One asked if 'he' would watch it and that was when Franco showed his face." I said. "And Franco looked directly at the camera and used my name."

"Fucking hell that's a bit creepy," Ant finally said.

"You're telling me," I replied. "I need to find Mikey and Jackson and then get away from here."

"Why not just leave them and go?" Ant asked. "Just how well do you know them really?"

"Well I only met them when I arrived here," I said. "But I can't just leave them he took them because of me."

Jackson looked directly at me before taking a large drink from his beer.

"Are you sure that's why he kidnapped them?" Ant finally asked. "Or is that what he wants you to believe so he can have you to himself?"

"Well if he didn't why did he tell me he had?" I said. "And where the fuck have they vanished to they wouldn't just leave without saying something?"

"Have you thought that their holiday could have finished?" Ant said. "And Franco is just using them to keep you around, knowing you will look for them."

"Surely he wouldn't do that," I said doubt creeping into my mind for the first time.

"Look I'll help you look for them around the hotel," Ant said. "But if we don't find them I'm afraid you will have to assume that they just had some holiday fun with you and went home."

I finished my beer, thinking about what Ant had just said, but knew that they would never have left without saying goodbye. I knew Franco had something to do with their disappearance and I was going to prove it to Ant.

gossip: Raids and a wave: London gets set for Kate's big d...

gossip: Raids and a wave: London gets set for Kate's big d...: "Scotland Yard has more than 5000 officers on duty for today's wedding and has pledged to take 'robust' action against anyone threatening t..."

Friday, April 22, 2011

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Cocksucker: A Simple Blowjob Story

byWet Miranda©
Hello, readers! Unzip your pants, because I've got a hot new story for you all. I'm not kidding; I want all you readers to read this post with your pants pulled down. Getting nude would be even better. Turn out the lights, close the door, and grab your cock or pussy. Sit back...relax...enjoy the show!


I was sitting in the middle of Max's living room. I had gone to the bathroom for a minute to freshen up; when I returned to the living room of his small apartment near the campus of FSU, Barry White was pulsing from the stereo, and Max had lit some tall red tapered candles on the coffee table. A typical romantic mood setting cliché.

Poor Max was trying so hard to get in my pants. We had just met a few hours ago at a kegger. Max was an average looking guy, about 5"9, short brown hair, and kind of skinny. He had convinced me to come up to his apartment around 2:00 this morning; the party we had just left was getting loud and out of control, and we could barely hear our own voices.

He was probably thinking "Please, God, I hope I get lucky. I'm really horny and want to score tonight, but I always strike out." We had already made out a bit at the party, and I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans. He wanted me so badly...but probably thought he wouldn't get much further than second base.

Boy was he wrong!

You see, I was in a really slutty mood. I had purposely picked out the shyest, quietest guy at the party. I wanted to find someone who may not have had as much luck with women on the weekends...and totally blow his mind!

I had no intention of fucking him; in a warped way, I had morals that intercourse was only to be done while in a semi-serious relationship. But I had absolutely no qualms about oral sex on a one night stand. I didn't even want to receive oral sex; sometimes giving a guy I hardly know a hot blowjob can fuel my masturbation fantasies for a few weeks at least; the memories of getting down on my knees and totally rocking a man's world can make my pussy wet as hell!

"Barry White, huh?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I uh, dig his music!" Max stammered.

"No you don't! You just put his music on in the hopes of getting laid."

"No, I really like it!" he lied.

"C'mon, admit it. If you are completely honest, you might get rewarded!" I sat down next to Max and started to rub his lap with my right hand. His bulge grew, straining under his jeans.

Clearly embarrassed, yet wanting to please me, he confessed. "Aw, Miranda. You got me. I read in 'Maxim' that all women like Barry White. His music is supposed to get women all hot."

"Well, Max. You don't really have to try so hard to get me 'all hot.' I unsnapped his pants. My hand went for the zipper, and I quickly unzipped his pants as well.

"Miranda! Oh, wow" he responded to my moves.

Without saying a word, I got off of the sofa, sat down on the floor, and in one swift move I yanked both his pants and his briefs off. I tugged them over his feet and tossed them to the floor. Max was completely stunned, having had his pants pulled off so quickly. We had only been in his apartment for about a half an hour, and he was sitting on his sofa on his bare ass, his cock sprung into the air.

"Oh my God, I wasn't expecting that!" he yelled.

"Mmm...I guess your Barry White CD did the trick, Max!" I said huskily, trying to imitate the late musician's voice.

"Don't you want to take it slower, Miranda? I could caress you a bit first, you know, if you want."

"Max, now you're talking too much. Just close your eyes and prepare to get the hottest blowjob of your life! That is, if you've ever had any other blowjobs to compare mine too."

"I have!" he answered too quickly. I looked him in the eyes. He couldn't keep eye contact with me; I knew he was lying. I kept staring anyway. "O.K., I have never had a blowjob before; this is my first."

"Good. Just so you know, it won't always be as good as this one when you get future blowjobs from other women, Max. They will have a very high standard to live up too; I'm the queen of cocksucking around these parts."

"Oh. That is good to know!"

"Max, prepare to be drained. You're not going to be able to stand up after I suck your dick, your knees will be so weak!"

My hands kneaded his thighs; my fingers were inches from his balls. He let out a gasp when my nails brushed up against his balls. I grabbed a pillow from the sofa to put under my knees so I could be comfortable. Once I was in a good position, I reached up into his lap and started to jack him off.

"Oh God!" he said.

"No, I'm not God, I'm Miranda" I corrected him.

"Miranda! You're touch feels so good."

"You like my hands on your cock? Wait until my mouth is on it! Sucking your shaft, licking the head of your cock, giving you head. You're in for a treat!"

"Oh Miranda. Fuck."

I decided that the time for conversation had ended, and I brushed my long red hair against his bare thighs. Men go crazy when I do this; I caressed his thighs with my hair for a few minutes, making sure to get my long silky hair all over his balls and erection as well. I paused for just a second to remove my t-shirt and black lacy bra; guys like to have some skin to look at, and I knew Max would love to see my bare tits.

"Touch my boobs, Max" I demanded. His eyes had been closed, so he hadn't even realized I was topless. His eyes bulged when he got a look at my naked tits; he quickly felt me up. I let him admire my rack for awhile, savoring the attention and the sensation of his hands squeezing my breasts. He got my nipples all hard, tweaking them just right. I made sure to rub my tits all over his lap for a few minutes; I've learned that guys like this move right before I go down on them.

I returned to my kneeling position on the floor, and I roughly spread his legs far apart. The wider the guy's legs are spread, the easier it is for me to access the cock and balls. I spent some time kissing his thighs, getting closer and closer to his balls as I did this. I made sure he could hear the kissing noises, loudly smacking my lips to affect his sense of hearing with erotic sounds.

He let out a loud moan when I put one of his balls into my mouth. I swished it around inside my mouth, then I switched to the other one; I was also stroking his thighs with my hands. He started breathing hard when I managed to put both his balls into my mouth at once. I tenderly licked his balls while warming them up with my hot mouth. I used my tongue to move them all around; my lips were completely enveloping his entire sack, up to the root of his cock. My hands began to stroke his cock.

"Oh, Miranda!" He didn't seem capable of saying much else. I liked that; turning a guy on so much he couldn't really say much besides "Oh Miranda!" I loved hearing my own name shouted out in pleasure.

I removed his balls from my mouth and licked his shaft with the tip of my tongue. I drenched his lap with my saliva. Starting at the root, I worked my way up to the sensitive underside of his cock, right under the head. I gave that area some licks, and then teased him a bit with some long slow licks up and down the shaft. When I knew he really needed some more direct stimulation, I finally put my lips around the whole head of his cock and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with my hand, I slowly lowered my mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside my mouth.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down on his lap, getting my hands under him and squeezing his butt. I could hear his breathing getting heavier; I knew he was deeply enjoying his first blowjob. I stopped for just a second so I could answer a question that might have been in his mind.

"Max, when you feel close to orgasm, don't worry. I swallow! Just let your load out in my throat."

I told him this information for two reasons. First, many guys are not sure if a girl will "spit or swallow," so it is good to mention this in advance. I don't know why some girls are squeamish about swallowing; it is perfectly natural, and the guys fucking love it. I feel so empowered, making a man blow his load inside my throat because I got him off. The only time I don't swallow is when I want a man to give me a facial; some guys have seen this in porn movies, so I let them come all over my face and hair for a special treat every once in awhile. But this was Max's first time, I wanted him to savor the experience of being sucked off and having his cum swallowed.

He began to buck his hips up and down; I stroked the root of his cock with my hands and swallowed his shaft again. Swirling my tongue wildly around the underside of the head of his cock, I drove him mad with desire. He was sweating; I could feel it on his thighs, brushing against my face. He kept groaning and moaning with pleasure as I became more firm with my sucking. I drooled and slobbered all over his lap, trying to make the blowjob as wet and messy as possible.

"Oh, Max. I'm going to masturbate when I get back to my dorm room tonight; thinking about this. I love being a cocksucking slut!" I hated to remove his cock from my mouth for even a second, but I knew he would like to hear that bit of information!

"Oh, Miranda, Oh, feels good..." he moaned.

I returned to his cock, sucking like a slut in heat. I made sexual sounds to excite him; years of watching porn had taught me that men love hearing erotic moans from women, even if they are just for effect, not because her pussy is actually getting stimulated.

"Mmm...Oh...Mmppphh...UM!" I moaned. It was hard to really say anything verbal with my mouth filled up. I swished his cock inside my cheeks, getting it as deep into my throat as possible while breathing through my nose. I was buried into his lap; his cock completely inside my mouth, his thighs pressed up against my cheeks, my nose in his lap. My eyelashes brushed up against his pubic hair.

Max's groans are getting louder and his breathing more desperate. I firmly grabbed his dick with strong suction from my mouth as I fondled his heavy balls. His balls began to draw closer to his thighs, a sign that his orgasm was imminent. I intended to milk him dry; I sucked and licked him lovingly, while stroking his balls. I looked up; his eyes were tightly shut, and his hands were by his side on the sofa. I reached his hands and placed them on my tits, letting him have something soft and pleasant to hold onto while he came.

"Oh...Miranda...I'm gonna come soon, I can tell. I can't hold it much longer..."

I didn't answer him verbally; I just sucked him faster and made moaning noises as I prepared to finish him off. My pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down his organ; I made loud slurping and sucking sounds with my mouth. His cock was rock hard and throbbing; I could feel it shaking. I visualized the hot white come loaded up in his balls getting ready to squirt hard.

"OH! Fuck! OHHHHH!" the contractions began, and his erection flexed. I focused the muscles of my mouth and tongue intently on the head of his dick while tightening my grip around his balls. I felt the pre-cum that I had been tasting all throughout the blowjob start to drip out even more. Then the explosion came.

I have given many blowjobs and swallowed many loads of cum, but this was a very intense rush. Maybe it was because this was his first blowjob, or maybe it was because he had a lot of cum built up, but the intensity and amount of come was difficult to handle. I bobbed my head up and down and forced myself to quickly swallow it up, not wanting to lose a drop. He grabbed my boobs tightly; normally I don't like having them held so tightly, but I didn't mind, I knew his orgasm was really intense and he needed something to grip onto.

Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot down my throat. I was able to gulp most of it down quickly, but some of it filled my cheeks. His own cum mixed with my saliva as I licked the tip of his shaft, valiantly swallowing it all down. I struggled to breath through my nose, which was buried in his pubic hair, as I finished him off, milking even more cum out of his balls with my hands. Just when I thought it was over, his cock quivered with some involuntary aftershocks, and yet more creamy juice trickled down my throat. I kept his rock hard erection in my mouth after the main part of the orgasm ended; there was drop after drop of cum still dripping out of the head of his dick even though the huge spurting phase had ended.

He completely collapsed, spent and drained. I lovingly stroked his thighs; his cock was still in my mouth, but I had stopped stimulating him as I knew his cock would be very sensitive. I slowly let him withdraw, and gave the head of his cock a soft little kiss, licking off the last remaining drops of fluid.

Eventually, I sat back up on the sofa with him. I let him doze off in my lap. He had a wood desk next to the sofa, and I noticed a piece of paper and pencil on the desk. I didn't want to wake him; he had gone to heaven and I wanted him to enjoy blissful rest after his rush. I scribbled down a short note:

"Max: I had a great time introducing you to the pleasures of oral sex. I enjoyed being a cocksucker; I hope the experience was everything you expected and more. Sorry I had to go. Just so you know, I'm literally running back to my dorm room right now. You got my cunt so horny; being a cocksucking slut will do that to me. As soon as I get back home, I'm tearing off my jeans and panties and touching my clit till I explode. And I'm going to fantasize about sucking your big hard cock.



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Raffaella Fico

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Friday, April 15, 2011

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April 16th, 2011

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